Good Food Gardens is a garden advice, design & maintenance service for people who want to grow food in and around Canberra.  We want to share our experience and passion for edible gardening with you so that you can learn how to grow the tastiest and freshest vegetables, fruits & nuts you’ve ever eaten.

Whether your garden is a courtyard, backyard, frontyard, schoolyard, churchyard or apartment balcony, we can teach you how to grow your own food. You’ll soon be hooked and sharing your delicious homegrown produce with family and friends, while also discovering some wonderful new ways to eat your way through the seasons.

With a range of services from basic garden assessment & advice to our Edible Garden Mentoring Program and edible landscaping garden design, our goal is to equip you with everything you need to grow your own fresh, healthy & nutritious food.

Book a consult and get started on your journey to an abundant and productive food garden.